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Make yourself at home

It’s the perfect time to stay at home. Home being Tasmania – where you can relax in safe, familiar surroundings. Get out there and explore Tasmania.

It’s our Off Season

Winter is our season. It’s when we embrace the cold and celebrate the dark. It’s time to gather around firepits with mugs of mulled cider, share slow-cooked feasts long into the night and dance at festivals under a starry sky. Brisk hikes are rewarded with whisky, picnics are had in the snow and winter swells are mastered by surfers. We know oysters are at their plumpest and scallops are in season.

It’s time to celebrate our wintery state. Check out the Off Season deals, grab your beanie and explore our island home.

Travel Vouchers Tasmania

The Tasmanian Tourism industry has shown resilience and innovation following the devastating impacts of COVID-19. However, tourism operators are still facing major challenges, particularly as we deal with the effects of the latest border restrictions.

Tasmanians have done a brilliant job supporting local businesses, but we want to provide extra incentive for them to discover all that our island has to offer.

As part of a new $7.5 million program, people who reside in Tasmania and are aged 18 years and older can enter a ballot for a travel voucher to spend on accommodation and tourism experiences.

For more information, and details on how to enter the ballot, visit the Travel Vouchers Tasmania website.