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Local Tips

Flinders Island is home to the beautiful Killiecrankie Diamonds, a type of topaz commonly found with tin, feldspar and quartz.

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Fossick for Killiecrankie Diamonds

killiecrankiediamonds_110177-4_320x210Flinders Island is home to the beautiful Killiecrankie Diamond. This so called diamond is actually a type of topaz commonly found  with tin, feldspar and quartz.

Killiecrankie diamonds occur in a wide range of colours and the ones found on Flinders Island are clear, ice blue and pink gold. In comparison with quartz they are heavier, harder, smoother and colder to touch.

The best places to look for these 'diamonds' are Mines Creek and Diamond Creek. Water-worn pebbles of the topaz are also found in the alluvial deposits of Tanners Bay and Killiecrankie Bay on the northern end of Flinders Island. These are obtained by combing the beaches at low tide and by digging and  sieving the beach below the high water mark, best at low tide.

Topaz is the birthstone for November and the gem for the 16th wedding anniversary. Legend has it that topaz has the power to protect the wearer from illness and accidents.

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