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For stunning views of the Franklin River Valley on Tasmania's west coast

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Donaghys Lookout - Western Wilds

donaghyslookout_100976-3_320x210For truly stunning views of the Franklin River Valley and Frenchman's Cap, take a short walk to Donaghys lookout in Tasmania's west.

This easy 3 km, 40 min return walk offers one of the best views into Tasmania's western wilderness. You'll find the walk between the Franklin and Collingwood Rivers, 47 kilometres from Queenstown or 35 kilometres from Derwent Bridge.

After an easy gradual climb the track emerges on a heath covered hill with a lookout platform. This platform overlooks the junction of the Franklin and Collingwood Rivers and offers breathtaking views of the Franklin River Valley and Frenchman's Cap.

The track passes through cool temperate rain forest and the trees are complemented by mosses and lichens that thrive in the cool, damp environment beneath the canopy.

The car park is on the south side of the highway and well signposted, but keep an eye out just the same.

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