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It's easy to overlook, but Dip Falls is one of the most beautiful in the state

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Dip Falls

Dip FallsIt's easy to overlook, but Dip Falls is one of the most beautiful in the state. It's two-tiered structure and unique rock formations make it well worth a visit.

From the parking area next to the falls in the Dip Falls Reserve, it's a short walk to a platform with an unsurpassed view out over the top of the falls. Another path leads down some steps to the base of the falls and its unique rock formations.

Like other waterfalls, Dip Falls is at its most impressive after rain and is best viewed in winter.

From the car park you can also walk 5 min to the Big Tree in the Big Tree Reserve. The circumference of the tree at its base is nearly 17 m and definitely worth a look if you're here.

Dip Falls is between Stanley and Wynyard in Tasmania's North West, 27 km up a quiet and mostly sealed road that passes through pleasant countryside.

Both the falls and Big Tree Reserve are suitable for disabled access. BBQ facilities and toilets are provided.

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