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Heritage in the heart of the city

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Penitentiary Chapel

Penitentiary chapelTake a tour of the 'Tench' for a fascinating lesson in  Hobart's dark history.

Regarded as one of the most significant convict sites in  Australia, the Penitentiary Chapel, known at the time as the Tench, began as  barracks built in 1830 for convict prisoners and included a chapel. Below the chapel were 33 solitary confinement cells.

Following the end of transportation, the barracks  became the Hobart Gaol until 1961. Sections of the chapel were converted into  two Supreme Courts connected by tunnels to the solitary confinement cells  and an execution yard was added.

A fascinating 1.5 hr walking tour of the Tench recounts  the stories of the inmates housed here as you experience the court, the tunnels  below, the tiny solitary cells and the execution yard and gallows (this bit is  a little spooky).

The Penitentiary Chapel is a short walk or Red Decker Bus  ride from the Hobart CBD.

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