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About Tasmania

Towns and places in Tasmania including national parks, world heritage wilderness, animals and plants, climate and weather. Discover Tasmania today.

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    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_convict-trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/convict-trailA fascinating journey rich in convict history and natural beautyConvict Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0003/93774/Cradle-Coast-Wine-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/cradle-coast-wine-trailFrom the North Coast’s patchwork agricultural hinterland to Cradle Mountain on the edge of Tasmania's World Heritage WildernessCradle Coast Wine Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0007/93778/Heritage-Highway.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/heritage-highwayExplore charming Georgian villages, historic pastoral properties and enjoy the history of the place and its peopleHeritage Highway
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0004/93775/Tamar-Valley-Wine-Route.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/tamar-valley-wine-routeTake a country drive through cool-climate vineyards of the Tamar Valley and Pipers River, and allow time for cellar-door chatting.Tamar Valley Wine Route
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0006/93777/Highland-Power-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/highlands-power-trail2Trace the history of Tasmania’s hydroelectric scheme through the Central Highlands.Highlands Power Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0005/93776/Cradle-to-Coast-Tasting-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/cradle-to-coast-tasting-trailFollow your nose to more than 30 of the north west’s finest farms, cellar doors, distilleries and makers.Cradle To Coast Tasting Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0011/93773/East-Coast-Wine-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/east-coast-wine-trailEnjoy dramatic coastal views and meet growers and cool-climate winemakers at wineries along the east coast.East Coast Wine Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0010/93772/Southern-Wine-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/southern-wine-trailExplore a constellation of vineyards in close proximity to Hobart and sample the south’s premium wines.Southern Wine Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0009/93771/Tasmanian-Whisky-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/tasmanian-whisky-trailMeet the makers and discover the stories behind the island’s renowned distilleries.Tasmanian Whisky Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0008/93770/Tasmanian-Cider-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/tasmanian-cider-trailSample boutique ciders from the orchards of the Huon Valley and fertile soils of the north west.Tasmanian Cider Trail
    • https://discovertasmania.com.au/__data/assets/image/0007/93769/Tasmanian-Beer-Trail.pnghttps://discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/road-trips/tasmanian-beer-trailVisit more than 20 breweries, sample local brews and uncover Tasmania’s rich beer-making history, dating back to convict times.Tasmanian Beer Trail
  • World Heritage
  • Destinations Destinations Destinations

    Discover Tasmania's cities, towns and special places

  • World Heritage areas World Heritage Areas World Heritage areas
    World Heritage areas

    Tasmania’s wilderness and compelling convict history are officially recognised as worthy of world heritage listing

  • Animals and plants Animals and Plants Animals and plants
    Animals and plants

    Tasmania is a natural haven for Australian wildlife with many animals and plants found no where else on earth. Start your adventure in Tasmania today.

  • Climate and weather Climate and weather Climate and weather
    Climate and weather

    With a cool temperate climate and four distinct seasons, Tasmania is a great place to beat the heat. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

  • National Parks and Wilderness National Parks National Parks and Wilderness
    National Parks and Wilderness

    Discover spectacular landscapes, rugged highlands, quiet solitary beaches, rainforests and alpine wilderness wildflowers in Tasmania's national parks.

  • Articles on Tasmania Articles Articles on Tasmania
    Articles on Tasmania

    Articles provide more detailed information on Tasmania and what to do while you're here on holiday. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.